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These are screenshots from a terrain engine I am working on.

I started with the ROAM algorithm but found the vertex popping a little irritating and discarded it.

This is a simple quadtree (ish) algorithm (no LOD whatsoever) I implemented in about 2 days.

I have used something I like to call coherent frustum culling. The lighting is precalculated and the shadowmap is ultra low-res with 1 pixel/sample.

I havent measured the fps but it feels ok on my Celeron 400 /64MB/i810.

I know the texturing is awful (its a texture tiled on the landscape). I just put it together to send my first iotd ;)

I am working on a texture synthesizer at the moment and am toying with the idea of using the ROAM algo to create static optimal meshes.

--Darshan Patil

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