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These are screenshots from my xonnel engine. I brightened them a bit because I think they are dark on some computers (this loses some of the ambience in them). I have been working really hard at producing a demo and so far this is all I could come up with. The screenshots do not do it justice in my opinion. As for the engine, it is not biased towards anything. I plan on using it for all kinds of games. Here is a little description :

  • Octree space partitioning
  • Quadtree continuous level of detail terrain
  • BSP rendering (not use for it right now, octrees are better with no pvs)
  • Quake MD2 loader (temporary)
  • Advanced particle system
  • Collision detection (with sliding)
  • Simple Physics
  • Reading of map file levels (I use worldcraft right now) or any level I can load
  • Automatic detail option for speed control based on framerate
  • Engine controlled through scripting for dynamic modification without recompilation (not fully done yet, wait till you see this)
  • Scripting done with the Seer scripting library
  • Sound done with the fmod sound library
  • Fast terrain Shadows (only an approximation though)
  • Dynamic Terrain Lighting
  • Dynamic Layers (like cloud, and water planes)
  • I would really appreciate feedback on the engine (although you haven't ran it). What do you think it needs?

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