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I just wanted to show off some of the stuff I've been working on lately. All these programs use The Tycho Engine that I made. It's mostly a terrain engine, but you can use it for anything. It's features are :
  • Uses DirecttX8 for graphics and input
  • Quadtree LOD Terrain using Rottger's algorithm
  • Terrain texture is based on slope, has baked in lighting and soft shadows, and a detail texture
  • Loads .3ds models
  • Supports water and trees
  • And other standard stuffl like particles and fonts
  • The upper left shot shows off the terrain renderer. The heightmap is 1024x1024. You can see the shadows and detail textures in it. Pretty simple The upper right shot shows a Quake 2 .bsp renderer I just made. It uses the visiblity data to do full PVS culling. I can't quite get it as fast as I'd like though. If anyone has written one that has a good speed then please email me. The bottom left shot is a quick little demo I made. As you can see it's an alien reflecting the room around it. Pretty funky. The bottom right shot is a wierd program that splits the channels of an image and shows you it in 3d. For each pixel it creates 3 boxes, one red, one green, and one blue, all on top of each other. Their alpha values are equal to the amount of that color in the pixel. Then if you look at it from above, the 3 boxes combine to form the correct color. But if you look at it from a different angle, it doesn't look like anything. The image is halfway between being able to see it clearly. Guess what image that is.

    I plan on getting a website up soon, so people can download this crap. Plus if anyone is interested in making a game, I'm looking for a big project right now. Please I would like any feedback your have for me. Thanks.

    Joel Duggan, Triality

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