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This are some shots of Project FY, a game in development for quite some time.

The core of the engine is basically finished ( the Torque engine is not being used ), and we are now starting with the making of the real game. The engine provides an indoor/outdoor environments with no loading times between both of them. The landscape culling is made with a Quadtree, and each node of the quadtree can be linked with an indoor bsp structure. The game will be happening in several planets and in several environments that go from forest,desert to icy planets. On the test demo you can play agaisnt some real basic bots ( they just patrol some areas and shoot at you when you are close), or if you want to test the multiplayer capabilities you can also do that, however only mano-a-mano type games are included(8 players max). You can also choose 3 weapons, Plasma rifle, Sniper rifle and a Machinegun. If you wish to play around with the environment options, check out the readme that cames with the demo.

And just to finish.., we need help :) If you wanna join the team, we reallly need artists ( 3d modellers / skinners / 2d artists ), sound guys, etc etc.., anyone that thinks it can help us, let me know.

You can see more screenshots/demo here :

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