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Originally, we intended to post a nice outdoor terrain screenshot here... but then, we decided to do something else with our Bezier Patch renderer.

The screenshot shows both Bezier Patches and CSG-generated geometry, with the patches being dynamically tesselated in run-time. Some of the patches are visually enhanced with real-time specularity; all the surfaces are light-mapped using radiosity computations. The tentacles in the background on the right side of the screen are sets of keyframe-animated Bezier patches.

The nice thing about Bezier patches is that they can be adaptively tesselated - thus, the scene shown in the screenshot runs smoothly even on a Voodoo Banshee :).

Now, I wonder how long it will take until somebody comes up with a Bezier-based Terrain renderer ;).

For more screenshots, visit the Vulpine home page:

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