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G3D is an open source (BSD) 3D support library for game developers, researchers, and students. The library is in C++ and is available as precompiled binaries for Windows or source for Windows and Linux. It isn't a game engine--it contains the pieces you would assemble to make a game engine, demo, or final project.

This image is from the CollisionDemo that comes with version 5.01 of the library, which just released. The demo shows how to perform some common 3D tasks like initializing OpenGL and creating a window, rendering with vertex arrays, loading a 3D model, collision detection, using OpenGL extensions (shadow mapping in this case), and monitoring rendering performance. It also has a sky-box and Quake-style mouse and keyboard input for flying the camera. The physics are intentionally rudimentary in the demo. G3D is intended for rendering and geometry computations, not physical simulation (there are many good simulation libraries you can use with G3D).

The source for the demo (and 4 other demos) is available as part of the 5.01 release.

Morgan McGuire is a PhD student at Brown University who works in the Games Research Group.

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