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What you are seeing is a collection of screen shots from my latest terrain demo. Nothing really new here, but it does show off quite a few shader effects.

The terrain is made up of 4 different textures (a sand texture, 2 grass textures and a rock texture) all blended with a texture blends map. This blends map can be altered in real time using a 'texture paint' tool in a GUI form.

The water has animated reflections and refractions, and as you can see in the screen shots, there is blooming on the sun specular. There is no interaction with the water (yet).

The sky is dynamic, using the perlin-noise approach. The noise is generated in shaders, and the number of octaves can be altered in real time (re-compiling the noise shader). A GUI form allows you to alter the cloud cover and density.

My favourite feature of the demo is the time-of-day form. This GUI form provides you with full control over the time. You are provided with a clock that by default shows the current system time. You can drag the clock hands around with the cursor to change the time. Alternatively you can change the speed-of-time slider, causing time to stop, run very fast, or even go backwards.

To have a play with this demo, please download the demo from here.

James Clayton.

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