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In the screenshot we see:
  • Navigation Simulator
  • Airport Simulator
  • Editor
  • We're are two Argentinian friends working on an Engine called Impromptu, written in Delphi 6.0, with OpenGL. By now, it's getting to its final stages of development. The idea is that it should have an editor that with all the features of the engine, you can "build" any kind of 3d Application (a kind of instance of a framework ).

    This engine has been used in some simulators, object renderers and other. Impromptu Engine is the result of the work of two friends, students and thesis partners in Software Engineering career, at UNICEN university in Argentina.

    Our motivations are: quality, extensibilty and constant up-to-date technologies implementation.

    The features we're working on are:
    Maps: Heightmaps,BSP Maps,Dynamic Maps
    Optimizations / Performance: Frustum Culling, Quadtree and LOD
    Management: Console and Windows, configuration,Collision, Timer Manager, Video Capturing ,State Machines for Managing Objects_ State Transitions, Objects Formats
    Special effects with eye candy: Particle systems, Lighting & storm, Fog (Volumetric - Height based fog) Metaballs,Fog (Ambiental),Procedural Clouds,and so on...
    Physics: Drops simulation, water simulation, car structure simulation

    web: (quite old...)

    Juan Pablo D'Amato -
    Cristian Garcia -

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