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Sabotage 1943: Cold. Sinister. Unimaginable.

Sabotage 1943 is an upcoming sneak 'em up, and working for this project is actually quite enjoying and satisfying. Here are some screenshots of my robust stencil shadow engine that I worked on since september. All images show original content.

The pictures in the top row show the effect of moving a light source (it's actually a tyre as you can see on the second picture) behind the door. The engine tries to use depth-pass shadows as much as possible and reverts to depth-fail otherwise. It is also using kind of shadow volume intersection optimisations like the ones recently presented in NVidia papers.

The pictures in the bottom row show the dynamic occlusion culling in action. As the camera moves to the right, some distant objects are occluded by the wall in front of the viewer. The little b/w-image in the bottom screenshots is the content of the occlusion buffer while the red outlines are the edges of the shadow silhouettes. To save as much fill-rate as possible, the shadow volume of each object is tested against the occlusion buffer separately. Of course the bounding volumes of the light sources are tested as well.

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