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Screenshots are from my current work in progress, Golden Hind. Ultimately, it will be a multiplayer real-time sea adventure/roleplaying game. Golden Hind has been under heavy development for the last 3 months and is slated for public release at the end of this summer. The game is being programmed in C++ using MSVC 6 and DirectX. The graphics engine is of isometric design, with height mapping and multiple layers. It is currently implemented using Direct3D 7, but I am considering moving it to D3D8.

The maps consist of 64 x 32 pixel tiles, organized in a diamond pattern, and ship and object movement is implemented by a custom "handing off" algorithm that transfers the objects from tile to tile. Ship movement is fluid and scenes are kept busy with a number of animated special and environmental effects. Also under development is a pixel-perfect collision detection system for the combat engine. All graphics are custom-made(please forgive me, I'm just a lowly programmer). Texturing and lighting is dynamic with consideration to height and time of day, with original code for seamless texture blending. Soon to be in development is a large-scale client/server multiplayer engine using DirectPlay.

Some of the features of the final version include:
  • Thirteen unique ships to purchase or capture.
  • Large-scale multiplayer capabilities over the Internet.
  • A detailed combat system, including boarding, plundering, and scuttling of ships.
  • Many different roles to choose, including trading, escorting, piracy, and exploration.
  • Completely upgradeable and changeable ships, letting you improve as your budget allows.
  • An ever-changing world, including day/night cycles and a weather system.
  • A dynamic economy, allowing for a rich and exciting system of trade.
  • Over half a dozen powerful empires and alliances to side with.
  • A majestic and lengthy musical score, unique to Golden Hind.
  • A complex, multi-channel chat system.
  • For more information regarding the Golden Hind project, stop by the website at:

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