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This is a collection of screenshots from HiLo, a Team-Based Multiplayer First-Person Shooter. It was done in 8 and a half weeks as a school project at PlayGround Squad Game Development School in Falun, Sweden. It uses RenderWare for graphics, DirectPlay9 for Network and FMOD for Sound Effects/Music.

The game is based on two teams, Hi-tech and Lo-tech (hence the name HiLo). Each team has a Sniper, a Heavy, a Medium and a Special character to choose from. There a pretty signification differences between characters, like speed, firepower, duck ability, jump height etc.

Noteable features
  • A very nice console with "counter-strike like" commands
  • Dedicated server (with standard functionality like: kick, ban, say, execclient (you can have much fun with this one :))
  • Basic special effects like particles, 3d muzzle flames, animated skydomes
  • Upper/Lower body meshes, with some nifty tricks to make seams less notable
  • Capsule Collisions (cylinder with hemispheres at top and bottom)
  • Nice GUI with windows/button/checkboxes and editboxes
  • The game was programmed by me (Tobias Johansson) and David Lundholm. My main part was the Network, which pretty much sucks right now, it's extremly unoptimized and is very cheater-friendly. But as my first network project I'm satisfied with it, it been tested with 12 players and it worked good.

    There's no demo yet, but we'll probably try to upload one some day.

    Programming: David Lundholm, Tobias Johansson

    Art: Jonni Teittinen, Emil Gustafsson, Anders Westin, Nicklas Andersson, Daniel Alfredsson, Lars Lundell, Michael Jansson, Anders Flodihn

    SoundFX & Music: Maria Sandberg, Joel Hesselgren, Denise Stromsten

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