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This is a little polygon pusher I’ve been playing around with written in Visual Basic 6 and DirectX 8. Much of the code I have ported from’s BSP Tutorial II. I got tired of manually typing coordinates to make my own map file, so I used the .mwm file from the above tutorial. I know that took the BSP tutorials down but I hope they don’t mind I used their map file. DX8Maze does not use binary space partitioning (BSP) or potentially visible sets (PVS). It is just a polygon pusher I wrote to learn DirectX 8. It uses discreet lighting with mostly ambient light. I threw one point light in there and sucked the green and red components out to leave a blue color. I think it looks pretty cool. I had lightmaps at one point, but editing the .mwm file with a hex editor I found to be just as tedious as writing my own map. So I left the .mwm file in its original form.

Special thanks to for the two excellent BSP tutorials, Romka Graphics for some textures, and for the awesome web sites, the DirectX newsgroups for answers to some questions and Microsoft for DirectX 8, Visual Basic and the DirectX 8 SDK.

This code may be used freely by anyone for any purpose. I hold no responsibility for anyone’s use of this code. I have successfully run this on a Matrox G400 and an nVidia TNT2.

The code can be found at

Joe Banach

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