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These are some shots from my last little project, called WorldMap 3D. This started just as a simple test of my game system, but I got excited and decided to finish something more usable.

The main features are:
  • Correct Earth orbit around the Sun;
  • Based on some orbit predictions, "correct" Moon orbit around the Earth;
  • Real clouds (yes, REAL), updated automatically from satellites;
  • Shows any of 1300+ pre-included locations around the world;
  • Built-in locations manager that can add/modify/remove locations;
  • Shows the approximated time of any location;
  • 6 pre-defined, configurable cameras plus 1 draggable user camera;
  • Sun causes overbrights, glowing and lens flares;
  • Many items are configurable both inside the application itself and an external configurator;
  • Can run as a normal application (windowed or fullscreen) and/or as a screensaver;
  • Runs theoretically under Win98/Me/2K/XP, DirectX 6.1, 3D card required.
  • Direct download from

    Please visit my site at and send me your comments, suggestions and flames! =)

    I want to thank DooMWiz here because this guy alpha-tested the WorldMap after some insistence from my part in the IRC, heh. =) Hey, Doom, thank you after all!


    Vander Nunes

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