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What? Another vertical shooter as iotd?!

Yes, and as a matter of fact these pictures are from two vertical shooters. The lower two pictures shows my recently (and first ever!) completed game, This is no Rose Garden, and the upper two are work-in-progress pictures of my new game.

They're both based on my, constantly evolving, shooter-engine.

Some engine features are:
  • Three different landscape rendering systems
  • Environmental, normal, highlight, glow, trail and "dissolve" mesh rendering
  • AN8/CPP mesh loader and converter
  • Skydome (globe for in-space scenes), user defined number of cloud layers
  • Easy to use and keep track of texture management
  • Object management with parent/child and complex self-creation (time or event based) systems
  • NO particle system...who needs it?! ;)
  • Even the lower end of the video cards can run the games and the engine has been developed with this in mind. It's been tested playable even on a Voodoo Banshee card.

    OpenGL/GLUT/FMOD and Anim8or made it all possible.

    When the next game is finished the engine will incorporate pixelshaders and the rest of the mumbo-j in it. A demo version of This is no Rose garden can be found at and a demo of my new game will be available within half a year... :o

    Hope to get some comments and bug reports from those who tries the demo!
    M Tillander aka mice

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