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Hello, my name is Frank and this is some screenshots from my 3D-engine.

My landscape is 16x16 km, that is 100 sqare miles! of mountin, valleys, seas, forrests and ravines. It is possible to walk or fly (or drive).

The main idea behind the landscape-engine is: It shold follow a rough map and "in fly" create the details with different sorts of random fuctions and place different sort of objects like trees and stones. It is a special algo to create ravines. More fuctions is planed. (ex algo to create caves, craters, roads, ditches and so on)

It is possibe to do some 3D-editing, raise or lower land, adjust pitch, change interpolation alorithm (4 algos), for each sector-midpoint. More 3D-editing is planed. (ex place objects, change texture and so on)

I have not implemented an itelligent texture controller yet and collision-detection and ... and.... . There is also some ideas of an algo like older days simcity. (with traffic and moving/travalling pepole)

Working currently with triangulation and the texture controller.

Ive Also written a mapeditor (Delphi + delphix) (not ready yet). And of course, I use Borand C++ Builder(4) and DirectX6 for the 3D-engine. It givs 25 to 50 frames pes second. (AMD k6-2 333 and D3-Blaster Banshee)

It is inspiring to see all good 3D-engins here. I must thank you on the flipcode for this great site.

Frank Linder

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