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Hi all, we are a team of 5 and these are some screenshots from a demo which is presenting the graphics engine used by our upcoming game called XYRAX_.

The demo can be found at

The demo has been built in december 2001, when our engine has been in an very early development state. So you won_t see that many features at all in this demo but a new engine demo which will be showing off all engine features will be developed soon! Due to this fact it_s currently only possible to view our demo using GeForce cards but that will also be fixed in the next demo version!

Engine Features so far:
  • Lightmaps (multitexturing)
  • Advanced particle system (object based emitters, dynamic linking of warps and emitters objects as particles)
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Spline interpolated motions (for cameras, objects, lights, etc.)
  • Internal lightmap render (Point, Spot, Linear, Area Lights, colored Shadows)
  • Atmosphere (Planets, Multiple cloud layers, Dynamic skydome, Distance Fog)
  • advanced bones system (importation of .bvh files possible)
  • Collision Detection
  • Advanced texture management (minimal use of texture memory, S3 texture compression)
  • Screen effects (Flash, Snow, Rain, blood, etc.)
  • Transparency (order dependend drawing, additive / subtractive blending modes)
  • Core 3d engine (full optimized for OpenGL, minimal redundancy for switching to other APIs)
  • Due to the fact that XYRAX uses it_s own file system we developed a tool which provides the following features:
  • Particle effects editor
  • Lightmap generator
  • Bones generator
  • Skydome generator
  • Some information about XYRAX

    XYRAX will be sort of an multiplayer online first person shooter! It_s featuring all known game modes from games like Q3, Rtcw, Unreal, Counterstrike_ There will also be 4 new game modes which have never been seen before.

    The main point during building XYRAX was and is, that it should be easier to use, especially in server mode, then other games. That means that there will be an easy to use interface for both server and client so you be able to use a specific command as fast as possible. The other point was that the whole game should be configurable, so if you open up a server you will be able to configure just everything so everybody can build his very own individual game mode!

    When XYRAX will be released, there will also be an online community which will provide all gamers with features like statistik tracking, maps, mods, skins_

    If you would like to get some more Information on what XYRAX is all about, just visit us at and do not hesitate to contact us! We will try our best to answer as soon as possible!

    The demo itself can also be found at

    So thats it for now :-)

    Thanks for giving us some comments on how you like it this far!

    Michael Gamsriegler

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