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Theses screenshots shown my two 3d engine in action.

The two car race scenes were extracted of my last year shool game project. It's programmed using Delphi and Opengl. It's a very basic engine, even if the game looks pretty cool visually.

The two other shown my new c++ opengl based 3d engine. It a bit more evolued, since the project include a 3ds Max 4 exporter and some cool specials effects. The scene in lower left corner show a 5000 poly animated water effect, plus a 700 poly smoke effect and a 400 poly snow particle system. It run at 15-16 fps on my celeron+tnt2, but it is really unoptimized for now.

More infos, a demo of theses effects, screenshots and delphi engine source code can be found on my web page :

Since this web page just came online, any feedback would be greatly appreciated !

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