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Something different for the IOTD. Here is a screenshot for my upcoming program, Image Analysis Explorer Pro. It is the successor to Image Analysis Explorer and has a lot more features such as:
  • Infinitely quicker than Iae (close to 1000% sometimes!)
  • Convolution and rank based filtering
  • Floyd-steinberg dither, greyscale conversion, inversion.
  • Histogram, thresholding.
  • FFT/IFFT (hopefully, yet unimplemented).
  • Sobel and Canny edge detectors
  • Region of Interest support
  • Opens JPG, GIF and bitmap files (Iae was limited to bmp)
  • Unlimited size of file (Iae was limited to 640x480).
  • Existing filters implemented in Iae.
  • Here you have (from the top-left, clockwise):
  • Original image, with a histogram displayed for a region of it.
  • Floyd-Steinberg dithered image, with a mean filter applied to a region.
  • Greyscale image with a mean filter applied on an 11x11 neighbourhood.
  • Sobel edge detector inverted for clarity.
  • You can look at the existing Iae here:

    The new version should be out within the next week or two, I still need to implement a few features and really optimize the rank filters. As with all Generation5 stuff, the complete source code will be released, although you'll need the Micrsoft Vision SDK to compile it.

    Comments and suggestions welcome!!

    - James Matthews

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