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Here's a couple of images of my upcoming game NANO. It will be a deathmatch game in the style of Turboraketti, Roketz, Auts etc.. It's just a very much a work in progress, but the main engine and tools are ready and I can now focus on the game finally. What's special about this game compared to other games of this genre is full rigid body physics and flexible 3D engine and lot's of features.

In the game you fight with viruses inside a human body. The aim is to make this game the most fun deathmatch game ever Just the engine and tools took me over six months to create, despite the fact that this game is developed in blitz3D that already makes the development process much faster than it would be on c++.

Main features will be:
  • Fast and really stable physics engine, that really adds to the feel of fighting.
  • Lot's of interactive elements, like explosive stuff, fans, magnets, turrets etc...
  • 2-6 players (human/cpu)
  • WYSIWYG scene editor with lot's of features. You can build different kind of scenes with ease.
  • Lot's of game modes... including teammatches, capture flag, base defence, racing etc.
  • Lot's of weapons and powerups.
  • This game will be released sometime this year as a shareware.

    And now some technical info for those interrested...

    The physics system is a mass-spring system using verlet integration. It's based on the Thomas Jakobbsens paper "Advanced character physics". The system supports soft and rigid bodies. For collision detection I use bounding box checks with sweep'n prune algo. And after that only sphere-sphere collisions. Dynamic to static scenery uses sphere-line collision detection. The hardest part of the physics engine was to get it stable enough to be used with low number of iterations and still avoid exploding objects or over elastic bodies. Currently the game gets away using only 2 iterations. Also friction and objects elastic properties are hard to control using mass-spring systems. Although the friction modelling is looking pretty realistic now.

    Particles,explosions,text and bullets all use the same particle system. The particle system uses only quads. System supports particle rotation,scaling and vertex coloring and alpha for tranparency.

    Downloads: You can download a very early gametest here... (~1.3M)

    And for a bonus you can download a soft blobs demo, that shows off some high-res soft blobs with 20 particles each and 4 iterations. (~700K)

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