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OK, I know you're all busy with lots of 3D stuff and you're expecting very impressive multi-color images of super-high quality. Well, today you'll have to do it with my super-impressive 2 color pictures (back to the basics!). I'm coding some games for my calculator "ti-83" in ASM and because you have only 32kb memory, you have to do your very best to get some graphics out of that machine (yeah, machine sounds heavy...).

The first screenshot (Race) is from my racing game in which you have to shoot eachother (2 players). But because it works with a link between 2 calcs, the game isn't allready bugfree, I'm working on it but you can't download it. Another thing: you might have noticed: the game is still called "race". Someone has a suggestion for something that sounds better?

The second screenshot (The Matrix) is just a picture, not screenshot from a game. I took it from a poster of the film and resized it with Paint Shop Pro, then I drew it on my calculator. Because I think it's pretty cool, I put it here...

I took the third screenshot from my second game finished in ASM: PipeMania. I made it earlier in Basic but it worked too slow. The idea came from a fantastic arcadegame in which you have to make a pipe before the water leaks out of it. If there is someone who has a ti-83 (with ION (downloadable from ticalc)) and if you want the game: it will be available on soon(=next week) (be sure to get version 2.1 and not 1.2, it's bugged ;-( ). Or you can always mail me at (Off course you need a ti-83 )

The last screenshot comes from my program StarWars. It should be a very simple game (fly forward and avoid the blocks) but because I can't get the stones big enough (not on that calc :( ) and you haven't got the feeling you fly forward..., but on the other hand, I think the screenshot looks nice.

For someone who is interested: ???
Technical aspect of the calculator:
  • ti-83 graphical calculator
  • by Texas Instruments
  • z80 processor, 6 MHz
  • 32kb RAM
  • screen 96*64 pixels
  • link-port
  • This was Palsy Palooka speeking, member of the TexAmeije programming team (BASIC&z80ASM for ti-83 and C++)

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