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Here are some screenshots of a game I made last year using OpenGL, ODE and FMOD. It's a race/rally game (Win32) where you compete against the clock, but instead of a car you have a little hover racer thingy. The intention was to give an impression of great speed, which turned out to be harder than I thought. You can record a lap and watch your replay, all mouse and keyboard input is recorded and the whole simulation is calculated again for the replay, which prevents cheating but made for some tricky bug-hunts. Unfortunately the racer is pretty tricky to control at first - a nasty learning curve but it makes the high-scores more meaningful.

The bottom-left screenshot is of the in-game editor, which is actually the same executable as the game. I tried to make it as simple as possible for people to make tracks of their own. The game and related info plus some other stuff useful for gamedev can be found at my website: Partly to gain experience and try my hand at making a 'game engine', and partly as an exercise in willing myself to follow through and complete a project for once, this took about 6 months of my spare time.

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