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Here you can see some screenshots of our latest demo called "Raw Confessions". We presented this production during the "State of the Art" demo party in december 2002 were we ranked 1st. It took us a little bit more than 2 years to develop the technology, the graphics assets and the soundtrack of this 4 minutes lenght 3d show.

The following people were involved in the development:

Programming : Guillaume WERLE - Sylvain GROSDEMOUGE
Gfx : Christophe Romagnoli - Guillaume NICHOLS
Alexandre SO - Lucien HORE - Tanguy DEWAVRIN
Laurent SAMANI
Soundtrack : Sylvain BALLEE

Now let's get into the tech details ! 1. the screenshot on the top shows you facial animation, 8 different morph target to allow the zombi to sing over the vocals of the soundtrack. we also added two bones to allow the head to rotate while the neck stays in place.

2. the "night vision" vision effect is done in 2 pass, a first grayscale render is done in a texture, the second pass use the result as entry in a gradient using a texture depend read in a pixel shader.

3 - 4. the top right and bottom left picturs show the depth of field in action, the scene is rendered in a texture and scaled down, then those textures are mixed in a pixel shader according to the depth of each pixels.

5. the last screen shows you a cloth simulation, the flags is made of a 32x32 patch, each node is connected to the neighborhoods using springs, somes random externales forces are then applyed to the models before we let an integrator do his job.

Many other twisted stuffs like per pixel volumetric fog can be seen in the demo, the engine makes heavy use of vertex and pixel shaders, so a geforce3 class card (or above) is required.

The demo can be downloaded here:!

DIVX version available here :

Comments are welcome ! Mail me at

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