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On the image above you can see artwork from my free computer algebra system Math Studio. Its my first bigger project and its written in C++. Ive been working on it several years. Apart from generating static graphics, it can also animate graphics in the time domain and export the result to the AVI file. List of the graphics types of mathematical curves and surfaces is following: Explicit, parametric and implicit (both 2D and 3D) curves; explicit, parametric, rotation (around arbitrary 3D vector) and implicit surfaces; each type (except implicit 3D curves and implicit surfaces) can be animated. Math Studio can also perform various symbolic computations like basic simplification (at the moment its really basic), differentiate, solve equations (over reals, up to the degree 3, logarithmic and exponential) or compute proper and improper limits. If you are further interested in Math Studio you can visit Math Studio homepage at Id welcome any feedback you might have. Dave

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