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Here's a picture from one of my Christmas projects, QLeVe. It's just a simple Quake 2 level viewer with support for BSP trees, PVS, lightmaps, and the rest, written entirely in DELPHI. In the picture you can see the BIG difference between a level with lightmaps and a level without lightmaps (just textures), and the SMALL difference between lightmaps and Gouraud shading.

The difference in speed is big enough: the gouraud shading is two times faster than the lightmaps. I think that lightmaps are soon to be history, especially with the new GeForce cards coming up. If you want to see the program, it will be available at:

Right now, that url isn't accessible, so if you want to see it anyway (or if you want the source code) mail me to: Anyway, I wrote this program only to show that Delphi is a pretty good programming language, and it IS suitable for 3D Graphics.

Claudiu Marinescu a.k.a. "Cobra"

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