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This is a screen shot, from my recently completed screen saver project. It can be downloaded from:

if the above link does not work then the admin have moved the file to our main directory look for

All code was done in Microsoft C++ and MASM.

The screen saver is 100% software rendered.

The only major problem i had developing the screen-saver, was trying to maintain a decent frame-rate. The image cycling mode blends two images together in real time using no look-up tables, at first i just used a standard linear interpolation something like the below:

c = (cb * t + cf * (1 - t))

that was done for every color component (r,g,b) on a 512x384 surface. yes it was slow, far to many calculations were being performed to acheive the effect, in the end i put together an alpha blending function using MMX instructions. the function works on two color components at a time and the results were very fast. Infact i had enough cpu cycles left to perform anti-aliasing.

Screen saver settings include: 3 diffrent backgrounds, and an image cycling option, that cycles through the 3 available backgrounds using alpha blending.

Hope you enjoy the screen shot, and screen saver.

Wayne Mike

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