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Basically this is a 2d b-spline editor and when you've put 4 (or more) control- points a sample is created in memory (currently limited to 1 sec). The sample gets it's amplitude from the y-axis of the points on the spline and it's frequency from the difference in the x-axis. So by moving two control-points closer you increase the frequency between them and so on... You can also model another spline which will then be the lower-bound of the sample.

Anyway I post it as an IOTD because I found it quite amusing to create different sounds. The kind of sounds you can create (ASFAIK) are the kind you'd find in old-school space shoot'em ups. Currently you can't save, load or export sounds to wave, so it's quite useless. I plan to add that in a near future though.

I use FMOD to play sounds, I could've used DirectSound, but I really like FMOD. It's possible you need some FMOD-dll to run it though.

You can download the program at

/Andreas Magnusson

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