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This game was conceptualised, designed and coded within 3 weeks using Director 8.5 for the main game, and Flash 5 for the front end. The aim of the game was a christmas greeting to our clients.

You can have a play at:

The Dereks were animated by using modelling clay figures and stop motion photography with a digital camera for the animation. The gameplay is fairly simple, but great fun for a while. The whole idea of the game was simplicity due to the limited timescale, and only 3 people (2 artists, 1 coder) on the project.

All the graphics are 2D except for the scenery which is a very simple textured cylinder and a textured ground plane. As the game is rotational in nature, all the coordinates are stored in angular and distance based form. This makes rotating the sprites to face the camera very simple. The shadows were handled by simply using the sprite animation texture darkened and alpha'd and rotated and finally repositioned.

I hope this helps more people consider Director for internet games, as the latest version contains a simple to use 3D engine with some cool features - and of course - it's multi-platform.


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