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Few weeks ago I downloaded what I call a gem : Turrican 32Kb ( you can get it here ). That was a remake of the great turrican game, running in Windows using 32Kb only, with graphics and music ! It seems the 32Kb size for game came from a strange demo-party tradition. As I made a library to write small EXE using DirectX8 and DirectSound some time ago, I decide to port a classic game in 32Kb too ! One of the game I liked the most in the golden years was "Rick Dangerous". If you don't know anything about that great game, please go to that fantastic fan site : Rick Ressurected and you'll get tons of information.

Nothing should be possible without the hard work of gameplay reverse engineering made by "Bigorno", the author of XRick. ( Multi-platform Rick Dangerous C conversion). Thanks to him for the main game-engine system.

If some of you wonder about the interest of making a 32Kb game, the answer is quite simple: there's no ! :-) Just fun !

Technical details

The Rick32Kb needs DirectX8. All the game use real textures and polygons. (well, strange for a 2d game huh ?). That version looks like the ATARI-ST version, and has additional features:

  • A demo mode !
  • High resolution filtered texture ( Toggle with "F" key )
  • An ATARI-ST soundchip emulator
  • 12 minutes of real ATARI music
  • You can download and play it here:

    Arnaud Carre

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