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My first submittance to this great site, my engine has reach it's adult stage so i should give it a go :)

This image is from a game called Java Is DooMeD 2, a thank you to one of the greatest games of all time: DooM. My inspiration for a new engine came from my former programming work on a game called javaisdoomed. which can be found here:

Some technical stuff.
  • The engine has both a hardware-( via JOGL ) and a software renderer, although the latter isn't touched for months.

  • The Compiler takes a .map file( for now it is just Q3 maps, but with some modification, it can also be DooM III, Wolfenstein etc.etc. map )

  • Brushes are created from the raw map file, along with surface properties for each surface

  • With this brushes a BSP tree is created, which main purpose is collision detection.

  • Surfaces never seen in the final, compiled level are automatically discarded-

  • With the remaining surfaces a portal-based rendering system is build, the portals are placed by the level designers, which give great flexibilty to the rendering pipeline.

  • After all this is done, lightmaps are created for each surface. And since each surface can have it's own properties, the detail of the lightmaps can also be adjusted.

  • The engine and compiler are totally written in JAVA, hence the name Java is Doomed;)

  • Basic physic are applied to every item in the level(gravity, water, flying) furthermore, there is collision detection and response( sliding along walls!! ).
  • Future things of expansion are, adding an outdoor 'renderer' as well, since the engine is portal based it could be achievable. And of course adding realtime lighting.

    Cheers Paul

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